Saturday, June 19, 2010


Current Project: Unnamed Fantasy
Status: See Below :-)

I have to admit I've been feeling a bit underwhelmed by my progress lately. However, this morning as I was trying to figure out what to put down for the status of my current project, I realized I'm further along than I'd been giving myself credit. The world I've been building is fleshed out enough to allow me to start writing—I'll fill in details as I need them. I've got the main characters thought out enough that I'm ready to get to know them better by seeing how they handle the trials and tribulations I throw at them. I've thought about and discarded several plot points, paring down to just a couple of seemingly unrelated ideas. And yet I've been kicking myself because there's still a big fat ZERO when it comes to words written.

Except...I realized that's wrong. I have been writing, just not typing on the keyboard in an "official" document. As ideas have simmered and I've been building the world, I've also been writing snippets of dialogue and small scenes in my notebook as they occurred to me. Some I've discarded for this project (though I've saved them for possible use in another story). In fact, two of the larger scenes have become the basis for the beginning of the plot. It's weird, too, because as I wrote each of them, I firmly believed that I was writing something that would go in a different story, but that I wanted to get down while the idea was fresh. It wasn't until later that I realized the scenes were connected, not just to each other, but also to the current story.

So, it looks like I'm further along than I'd let myself believe. I've written about 800 words, all told, and still have two more scenes already planned out that I just need to get down on paper. I think it's probably time to start that "official" document and begin writing on a schedule again. I'm ready. Who knew?

How about you? Any surprises this week, good or bad? Are you feeling stalled or are you racing through your story, eager to get to the end? Inquiring minds are dying to know!


Paty Jager said...


It's true not all writing is tabulated by word count. That is only half of the project. What you've been doing is the other half and has to be done before you can write a word on the official document page. I'm happy for you that it is all coming together and you're ready to start putting words to the "official" page.

This week for me was spits and spurts. Company left on Monday, my dh informed me I was headed to Princeton on Wednesday, only our younger daughter called and I ended up going to Vancouver, WA and then to Princeton on Thursday.

Good News, while in Princeton I wrote approx. 7,000 words. Can I go back to Princeton???

This week looks like no company and we won't head to Princeton until the weekend so the dh can pick up the hay that will be baled this week, so... I won't be online until I've met my word quota per day and I hope to do as well if not better for the week. ''Oh, and my blog contest to promote the release of Doctor in Petticoats starts on Thursday. I'd appreciate a comment on one or two of them from my chapter mates. You can find the details on my blog.

Genene Valleau said...

Hi, Debbie! Very cool that you're ready to put words to paper.

And, Paty, great progress in Princeton!

I have to agree with Paty on word count--it's only part of the process. Because I do so much plotting, it the last part of the process for me. But when I get to that point, the story comes together quickly.

I consider this past week an almost perfect writing week for me. I wrote/made progress every day on my novella or my nine-book series or both. I'm at the "words-on-paper" stage in the novella, but still working on plotting/ scene sheets/ overall time line for the series. Because events for the series are so interconnected, the timeline is critical for making sure the books are accurate.

I have other commitments this coming week, so probably won't make as much progress with writing, but we'll see. :)

Katie said...

Oh, that's awesome, Debbie! And all that brainstormy stuff is half the work. Believe me. I'm still working out a lot of details in my story, even though I have the plot and characters figured out pretty well.

I made HUGE progress this week. I wrote an entire chapter (10 pages) in six hours! I rarely can write that much at one time. I am so happy. I wrote only 3 pages yesterday, though, and had to work on other stuff today. But come Monday... THERE WILL BE WORDS. LOL! :D

Good luck to everyone this week!