Thursday, August 15, 2013


Yikes! Once again the days have gotten away from me, so this post will be short and quirky.

Since I'm working on a nonfiction book about my life with dogs, many memories are surfacing about the beloved furbabies who have shared my life. 

This is an anecdote that perfectly illustrates the personality of my first shelter dog, a Border Collie named Ace. His golden eyes mesmerized me, and I knew instantly he was smarter than most people--and he certainly had ATTITUDE. 

We walked every day through our neighborhood and knew most of the other dogs. However, at one corner, a little dog came charging to the fence, barking. He followed us around the corner, yapping incessantly. 

Ace glanced at me, doing a mental eye roll at the annoyance. However, he didn't react until we reached the end of the corner yard. As the little dog bounced at the fence, still yapping, Ace paused and lifted his leg. 

His aim was perfect. The little dog backed away and shook his now wet face--quiet for the first time since he had spotted us. 

And Ace sauntered away, a grin on his face.

He lived to be seventeen years old--fairly normal for my furbabies. As with several other dogs who have owned me, his spirit lives on in my heart and in my books. 

Ace was the inspiration for a dog named Jasper in my first novel, THE ROCK STAR, who turns on the coffee maker for his person every morning. Not one of my Ace's duties, but both the real dog and the storybook dog had the same ATTITUDE. 

Have any of you used one of your pets for inspiration in a story?

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