Thursday, July 18, 2013


A couple days ago my granddaughter mentioned she wanted to own a bookstore when she becomes an adult. I asked her what kind of books she wanted to have in her store, and she said print books. 

I find it ironic I'm a pioneer in the e-book industry at my age, and two generations younger still think of books as printed. 

And I'm also wondering what's next for books. Since the iPad has come on the market, I've been eagerly wanting to learn how to put together digital books with interactive photos and links to cool info as well as audio and video. This fits so well with my love of graphic design. 

I'm now researching the "how to" and came across this short video demonstration of an interactive book. <> This demonstration wowed me and overwhelmed me at the same time. 

The cover is a spinning globe. You swipe your finger across the screen to browse through chapters. You pinch with two fingers to open pictures to access interactive maps, or informative video with sound. You can blow on wind turbine and it starts to spin. 

This company who demonstrated this video is developing software for publishers to publish books like this. They have a team on the West Coast working with a team on the East Coast. 

I have only me--at least right now. So while I'm waiting for the software to be available at an affordable price, I'm exploring the feasibility of something a little less grand, though more complex than comic books.

And maybe my granddaughter will agree to sell these books in her bookstore--while she's also making a fortune selling rare print books. :)

By the way, the graphic above is from the web site of the NW Book Festival in Portland, which will be held July 27 this year. If you're in the Portland area that day (a week from Saturday), stop by the Pioneer Courthouse Square and check out the many authors who will be there. You can find more information at the NW Book Fest web site <>.

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