Thursday, June 20, 2013



A popular question in blog interviews is to ask an author what character from their book they would like to be. 

I can think of a number of reasons to be one character or another. Usually because the character is younger, slimmer, prettier, richer or more courageous than I am. 

One reason I would NOT want to be any of my characters is because of the conflict they face. In fiction, more conflict keeps the reader turning pages. In real life, conflict is exhausting. I'd much rather be serene and peaceful. :)

I've finished writing my Halo Legacy Series books, and am re-reading these books to plan promotion and write copy for marketing of this series. I'm also seeing some deeper philosophical issues that weren't so obvious when writing the books. 

The second book of the series, LEGACY OF ANGELS, is about forgiveness, but also about moving forward even though past issues aren't completely resolved. LIVING THE LEGACY brings together a jaded police sniper and a sheltered small town woman. The obvious conflict is what you don't know can be dangerous. However, this book also delves into communication in relationships and honesty. Collin cherishes his wife's innocence, but not being clear about the dangers of his job allows one of his enemies to get close enough to harm Beth and their unborn child. 

And so it goes throughout the series. It's been interesting to discover deeper conflicts--and other reasons NOT to be my characters!

How about you? What character in one of your own books, or a book or movie would you like to be--or not--and why?


Christine Young said...

Since I put myself completely into my characters. I usually feel as if I am the character I'm writing.

Genene Valleau, writing as Genie Gabriel said...

Hi, Chris! Being each character as you write them is awesome!