Friday, June 07, 2013

The Mckenna Clan

Wow, coming up with ideas for blog posts is mind boggling. This week I'm celebrating my new cover for the second book in the McKenna Clan series. Catching Meara, published in March was the first and featured Jace McKenna. Catching Meara is an introduction into the McKenna Clan--Clan Chatton. The real series begins with Sweet Sexy Sadie. Brody McKenna is a shapeshifter who falls in love with Anthropologist Sadie Monroe.

Sweet Sexy Sadie will be released August 20, 2010 by Rogue Phoenix Press.

The antagonist is an Amazonian Devil, a Chullachaqui. This demon takes on the shape of a family member or loved one and lures them into the jungle. In Sadies, case he tries to lure into the desert of the Sierra Madre Mountains.

The McKenna Clan sailed from Scotland to America in the early 18eo's, settling in Texas. From there they spread throughout the southwestern states.

Jace McKenna, a profiler for the FBI, is the hero of Catching Meara. Meara Thorton is a technical analyst for the FBI.

The third book, Sweet Misbehavin will feature Carr McKenna.

This has been so much fun. Not  someone who has written contemporary, I've found that not having to worry about terms that weren't used in the a certain time period quite refreshing.

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