Thursday, June 06, 2013


I've read a number of times that romance readers/writers make love with their partners a lot more than women who don't read romances. Coincidence or something more?

Do comedy writers have more fun? Tell more jokes? Laugh more often?

How about writers who explore the darker side of humanity or fantasy? Do they look under their beds at night or make sure closet doors are securely closed?

Or do I have it backward? Do writers who make love more often write sexy stories? Do funny writers carry their humor into their writing? Do those who wonder about demons gravitate toward darker writing? 

I wonder about this because I have caught myself recently thinking about worst case scenarios in real life and commented this is because of my writer's mind and the dramatic stories I tend to write. I've heard the advice a number of times to think of what would be the worst thing possible to happen to our characters and then write that into our stories. Other advice is to ratchet up the tension or raise the stakes. But I certainly don't want any of these things happening in my real life. 

How about you? Does the story you are writing influence your real life emotions? 

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Christine Young said...

Not sure about what my writing style means about me. It's something to think about. Very interesting.