Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Quote of the Month: A Room of One's Own

“A woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction." -- Virginia Woolf

After much planning, we will be moving into a brand new home next week, and the new house will contain a writing office for me.

With all due respect to Virginia Woolf, I find myself perhaps more motivated by the lack of tax deductions on my Schedule C than feminist sensibility.

With the lovable agents of the internal revenue kept firmly in mind, I am determined to have a gen-u-wine tax-deductible writing office, and I've spent a lot of time figuring out what I really need in it (bulletin boards, lots of drawers to hide mess out of sight), and what I don't (distracting views out the window, bookcases full of tempting reading material that will lure me to spend time reading instead of writing).

My office is being furnished in high style (!) with components from Ikea. It will have a bunch of cubes like this:

This will give me drawers to put all my papers and supplies in, and finally allow me to have an office that isn't cluttered--one of my pet peeves. 

Here's the layout of my main office wall:

I'll have four (4!) bulletin boards for brainstorming characters and plots, and even room for my beloved Eiffel tower lamps and my collection of Barbie dolls (yes, I have a collection of Barbie dolls).

How about you? Do you have a writing office? If you do, what's in it? Does it meet your needs as a writer, or are there things about it you'd change?

What would your dream office look like?

Have you been to Pajaro Bay?


Meggan McQuaid said...

Oh. My. Gosh! Congratulations! What exciting news!

I have a thing we're now calling the Book Nook. It's a room carved out of our basement with an extra wall. Until a few months ago, it was a bedroom for my daughter and son-in-law. Now it's a writing/guest room. Still not tax-deductible, but there is a DOOR I can CLOSE. And it's not in the main part of the house, so people really have to move their buns to get to me. Heh heh.

I have a comfy chair, a heater, a blanket, a printer, my writing books, lamps, a bulletin board, and a table for stuff. It's the first private writing space I've ever had, and while it's not ideal, it's still absolutely WON-derful.

Genene Valleau, writing as Genie Gabriel said...

Wow, Barb! Congrats on your new house and an office of your own!

And Meggan, so glad you have carved out your own space to write!

I'm spoiled in that I've had my own office for so long I don't remember life without one. I love this office! A big window that brings the sunshine inside--this isn't distracting to me. I get claustrophobic without one! My office also has a door onto a covered deck and the back yard. So when the weather is nice, the dogs can go in and out and I don't have to play doorman.

Yes, my office has pretty much everything I need--but too much clutter, though I've cleared out a lot of that in my spiffing up. Although when I was plotting my series, I could have used more wall space to display the plot lines. Made due with databases.

Deborah Wright said...

Congratulations, both on the new house and the new office!

Writing can be done anywhere, but it's so much easier -- and nicer! -- to have a dedicated office. One of the things that attracted me to our home was the (former) bedroom I'm using for my office. It had already been setup to be an office space -- double glass doors, no closet doors, space for credenzas/printers.

The only thing I haven't settled on yet is the floor plan for the two desks. I'm not satisfied with how I've moved them (3 times!) and I'm currently contemplating moving things around again.