Thursday, May 02, 2013


It's been two weeks since I finished the last book of my Halo Legacy Series and, as I planned, I'm learning to slow down. 

Ironically, I may be getting even more done than when I was wrangling deadlines. I told some friends I've done more in my yard in the last two weeks than I had done in the past two years. They thought I was kidding, but I assured them my yard and nearly everything else in my life had been neglected while I wrote this series of books. 

In addition to spiffing up the house and yard so the doggies and I can move, I'm dealing with whatever life throws at me, promoting, and looking at even more ideas to promote my books. May brings two releases--an anthology with the other Rogue's Angels on May 1 and the eighth book of the Halo Legacy Series on May 10. (The last contracted book of the series will be released July 1 and I really want to do a big promotional blast for the entire series then.)

I'm also taking time to relax. I sat in the sunshine this morning and soaked it up--as well as gave some doggie scratches. :)

Are any of you doing something special now that the weather is nicer?

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