Thursday, April 11, 2013

Road Trip!

I took a break last week to spend a few days getting warm in Las Vegas. This may not have been the worst winter ever in the Pacific Northwest, but the cold seems to be lingering and we were ready for some heat!

We don't go to Las Vegas often — this is only the second time we've been there together — but it's one of those places that's very fun in small doses. Neither my husband nor I are gamblers (not past putting a few dollars in a slot machine); that isn't the attraction for us. It's a quick getaway and a chance to get warm and walk outside.

As a fantasy writer, Las Vegas — The Strip — is a dream. The hotels and casinos are so over-the-top, I'm amazed at the audacity of their architects. Spend some time wandering around Caesers Forum Shops or The Grand Canal Shoppes of The Venetian/Palazzo and it's easy to morph what you're seeing into settings for stories you haven't written yet.

I'm not usually someone who enjoys being in big crowds, but for some strange reason I find Las Vegas to be a great place to recharge my creative batteries. How could it not? Where most tourists just see giant statues of Roman gods, I see temple ruins on an island mountain top. Or a palace built on a grand scale, now fallen to disrepair. (Funny how the theme of decay kept cropping up in my imagination while I was there — must be something to do with the juxtaposition of the outlandish architecture and the gambling.)

How about you? Do you find inspiration when you travel? Where's your favorite place to go to shake up your imagination?


Genene Valleau, writing as Genie Gabriel said...

I didn't realize there was such interesting architecture in Las Vegas. Thanks for sharing some pictures!

Since I'm pretty much a stay-at-home person, I find inspiration close to home and on the Internet--definitely some interesting info there. LOL!

GigiViolette said...

Most of the traveling I've done has been to forests in the pacific northwest...and that has definitely cropped up in my writing. Hmmm, I'd never thought of that before!

Glad you're creative batteries are all charged up :)

Deborah Wright said...

Hi Genene! Las Vegas is a crazy place - and the distances are deceptive. The Strip (at least the part we tend to walk, between New York New York and The Palazzo) is only about 1.5 miles long. But we always forget that everything is HUGE -- and the over-the-top architecture reflects that

So it may take a few minutes between hotels once you're on the street, but to get to the street, you may have to walk 3 times that distance through the hotels/casinos!

I, too, find inspiration close to home (pretty much anywhere) and thank goodness for the Internet when it isn't possible to travel!

Deborah Wright said...

Hi GigiViolette! I think it's inevitable that our writing is influenced by our experiences -- and by our surroundings -- even when we create new worlds or imaginary settings.

Thanks for stopping by. :-)