Friday, April 05, 2013

Reviews--Love Them Or Hate Them

Just finished a review tour with Goddessfish for Catching Meara. Gotta loves reviews--or hate them. For those of you who don't know Catching Meara is the first book in an erotic paranormal romance series, The McKenna Clan. It has been so much fun. The book didn't start out to be a series but it evolved.

Lol, one person wanted to know why the cat head was coming from the male body. Hmmm... maybe because this book was about shapeshifters.

I found this tour to be extremely interesting. I received so many strange comments, almost as if the commenters didn't know I would be reading what they had said. Yes, there were some fairly rude comments. But I tried to ignore those or answer with humor.

I had good reviews mostly 4's and 3's but one 2.5 that was not posted. I found out about this review through my communication with goddessfish. The tours are very helpful for sales. For those with new releases, I hope you go this route. Doesn't have to be goddessfish. Their are a lot of sites that do tours. I've found that the same people seem to schedule tours on their bolgs. So by booking more than one tour company you won't necessarily find new blogs and new people.

Just received a review from manic readers. I'm shaking my head. It was definitely a strange and very short review.

Here it is:

Review Companies
MR Review 
Reviewer: Alberta 

Meara is a loner, content to spend time with her computers, without the bother of having too many people around her. When she turns from hacker to government computer specialist, she meets Jace, who knows she is his mate, but all he has to do is tell her he is a panther shape shifter and that she is destined to be his.

There is a lot of dodging bad guys, dodging another shape shifter, and trying to keep secrets from each other. In the end, Catching Meara is pretty entertaining, and I liked both characters, despite Meara’s dysfunctional personality.

Disclosure: Manic Readers receives books from authors, publishers, and publicists which are given to reviewers in exchange for their honest opinion. Each review represents the opinion of the reviewer which may or may not have been influenced by receiving the book at no cost.


Paty Jager said...

LOL- You never know what a reviewer will write. I'm in the love/hate phase of reviews. You need them for some promotional opportunities but when you get ones where the reader didn't get or even sound like they read the story and give you bad reviews you wonder why you wanted them in the first place.

Good ones feed the writer soul, bad ones make you wonder about your skills as a writer.

Congrats for making it through the tour!

Meggan McQuaid said...

Yep, that was a strange review all right. Did the reader like it or not? LOL. Bizarre.

Thanks for the info on tours. I have this terror of "promotion" so I'm not looking forward to reviews!

Christine Young said...

Well, Meggan, she gave it 4.5 stars. So I'm guessing she like it.