Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Old Thing Made New

Simple Baby Quilt out of flannel squares
When my middle daughter was a baby, I decided to make her a quilt like the one I'd had as a child. It had to be soft, square, and have a satiny binding.

I took my daughter to the fabric store and we picked out flannels in girl-baby colors and patterns. I chose a high-loft batting and made my "quilt sandwich." I suspected this quilt would be washed many times, so I tied it with wool strings in several strategic places; wool felts when washed, which keeps it from coming untied.Then I bound it with satin blanket binding, which was a labor of love all by itself.

The quilt is wonderfully warm and soft, much loved, and has indeed lasted through dozens of illnesses, living-room forts, car trips, and washings.

Is there something you had as a child that you wanted to share with your own children? Have you ever considered using this idea in a book? A special toy, an item of clothing (like the pink cords I had when I was seven), or a favorite vacation could make a good comeback in a story, too. Happy Writing!


Paty Jager said...

It's fun to make things for our kids and grandkids. The quilt does look cozy. I didn't have anything growing up that was my "go to" item for comfort. Well maybe my horse but she was kind of hard to snuggle with when I was sick. ;)

My mom made things for my kids that they still have and I've tried to make a few things for my grandkids that they will hopefully hang on to.

As for in my books, not really, but I like the idea and may borrow it. Fun post!

Genene Valleau, writing as Genie Gabriel said...

Meggan, how wonderful you have childhood memories you treasured enough to pass on to your daughter. My grandson (now almost 11) has a blanket he received as an infant. The original wore out from cuddling, so his dad (my son) made him another one that incorporated part of the original fabric. That one is now showing irreparable signs of usage too, so it's about time for another creative remaking of the blanket. It's amazing how my grandson has us all trained not to forget his blanket. :)

Meggan McQuaid said...

I love the idea of incorporating a piece of the original. But you're right, sometimes there just isn't enough left!

These days one way to fix that is to take a picture of the lovey, print it onto printable fabric, and make that into the new lovey.

Paty, no, horses don't fit in sickbeds! Funny idea though.