Thursday, February 07, 2013



First I want to share some wonderful news--all my Halo Legacy Series books have new covers! I am so excited to share these! I'm posting just the first one here so I'm not a total blog hog. However, if you want to see all of them, please visit my Web site at <>. I've laid all of them out on a wonderful Valentine's Day background that I found at an online photo site.

Which brings me to the NOT doing it all myself part of this post.

I'm not a total control freak, but almost. In addition to a lot of intense writing over the past year or so to produce enough books that can be released every two months, I design my book covers, design and maintain my Web site and my blog, and coordinate most of my own promotion. 

I've discovered a couple things: (1) I can be very productive; and (2) I don't want to exhaust myself being productive.

That means deciding where it's cost effective to pay someone else to help produce and sell my books. Or doing the things I like to do and letting someone else do what's not so fun for me. :)

Though I design my own covers, I rely heavily on a number of online photo sites for pictures and graphics to make up the pieces of those covers. I gladly pay a reasonable price so I don't have to set up my own photo shoots or draw complex graphics from scratch.

Yes, I could self-publish, but I prefer having a publisher to format my books and upload them to e-tailers--and switch the covers. (Woo-hoo!) 

My publisher also carries some of the load of promotion, and I've purchased ad space at online sites as well as paid for someone else to set up blog tours for me. 

This list only touches on some of the things involved in producing a book that an author can do--or NOT--for herself. If you're published, how do you decide what you do or don't do in producing your books? If you're not yet published, do you have a plan on what you want to do yourself or let others do?


Paty Jager said...

That's where I'm at. I paid a formatter this time for my book and while she did an awesome job I'm going to go with another one next time who cost a little less. But I'm finding if I want time to write I have to have others do some of the work. Great post and great new covers!

Genene Valleau, writing as Genie Gabriel said...

Hi, Paty! Thank you for the kind words. I thought about you and Barb and others who are "doing it all" when I wrote this. Besides writing, I have much to learn this year and other parts of my life to take care of. And sometimes I'd just like to putter around and not feel guilty about it! LOL!