Thursday, February 14, 2013

Is It Still Paradise If You're Sick?

I thought about titling this post, The Vacation from Hell, but I realized that wasn't really true.

Here's what happened. Last week, the Spousal Unit and I had a week in Hawaii. We'd planned it several months ago, using the SU's Hilton points to book a stay at the Hilton Waikoloa Village, just north of Kona on the Big Island (Hawaii). We figured a little warmth and sunshine in February would be a pleasant break from the winter weather. Everything was going fine, right up until the night before we were supposed to leave — when I woke up feeling like crap.

I wasn't sure what I had — food poisoning? a stomach bug? — and I honestly still don't know (though I suspect a bug, since it lasted so long). Since we had an early morning flight, we'd booked a room at a hotel near the airport (one that has a stay & fly package, so we could leave our car there). I couldn't eat and all I felt like doing was sleep, so I just crawled into bed and hoped I'd feel better before getting on the plane.

I didn't.

I'd managed to get up in the middle of the night and eat an apple and a slice of bread with some turkey that the SU had brought along in case I actually got hungry. Since I kept the food down, I had hopes that the worst was over even though I still felt lousy. Alas, that was false hope. The only saving grace for the flight was that we had first class seats (gotta love those companion tickets). If I had to feel bad on an airplane, at least I had plenty of room and a toilet close by (and boy did I need it).

The warm weather and sunshine were very welcome when we landed in Kona. The taxi to the resort and checking in remains a blur. I did manage to walk around the resort a bit, and I have to say, it's a beautiful place. But mostly, I slept that first day away. And the second. By the third, I insisted the SU go on the Circle-the-Island tour we'd booked and paid for before we left home. I was feeling marginally better, but not well enough to sit on a tour bus for 12 hours. I'm glad he went — he saw pretty much the entire island, including the volcano, and I got to sleep some more (in between forcing myself outside for some sunshine every once in a while).

On the second to last day, I felt marginally better. Enough to walk all around the resort (all 62 acres!), so long as we took rest breaks.

I finally felt mostly human on the last day - enough so that I even went swimming! Yay! We enjoyed our last day of paradise, and I didn't dread the flight home. It took a few more days before I really felt like my stomach had settled down. I still feel a bit woozy every once in a while.

Even though this last trip wasn't what I was expecting, I ended up having an OK time — and I had a lot of time to think about backstory for the next book. Most of that time was just daydreaming about the characters, but I did write up those notes on the flight home.

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Genene Valleau, writing as Genie Gabriel said...

Yes, it's still paradise. :) The beautiful pictures prove it. Bummer that you were sick most of the time, but I'm impressed you found the positive in thinking about your next book.

Glad you're feeling better!

Meggan McQuaid said...


Oh goodness, I'm so sorry to know your vacation wasn't what you hoped. Like Genie, I'm pleased and impressed that you found a way to benefit from your rest time. Your attitude reminds me of an essay I was given when we got Phoebe's diagnosis: Holland and Italy. The gist of it is that the author (or parent) was preparing for a trip to Italy (a "normal" child), but instead got a trip to Holland (a special child). Your trip wasn't what you expected, but good came from it anyway. I look forward to reading your new story ideas!

Be well,