Friday, February 01, 2013

Chris' Rules To Write By

Spring Is Coming

Cleaning house, cleaning up the work place and finding the time, it seems we all have issues. When my characters come to life, putting them on paper is sometimes easy but often difficult. Thinking about them does not create the words. So I have made up Chris’s rules to write by. These are things I need to do to get the work finished.

Rules to write by:

1.    Derrière in chair.
2. Manuscript up, waiting for words of wisdom.
3. Get rid of all and I mean all distractions.
4.If you’re a gamer, don’t forget to lose them too.
5. Set a goal and stick by it. (unless there is a fire or some catastrophe
6. Workout after finishing designated writing assignment…ah the teacher in me.
7. If  you research well… you can ask too many questions and receive more answers than you have time to use.

What are your rules?

I struggled for some time to find the seconds, minutes and even hours to write. I find I am happiest when I’m creating stories and the characters are taking prevalent places in my head and on my computer. My rules of course are working for me. Writing more than I have since before my full time job in the school district. In present times I now have a record four pages in one day. Alas in my past I could write ten to twenty pages a date.

I am having so much fun with my McKenna Clan series. Catching Meara’s release date is March 10, 2013. The second book in this series is Sweet Sexy Sadie. It’s release date is August 20, 2013. Woo hoo…

And an FYI, I’m celebrating a new cover for Star Crossed. This is my novella, which is part of the Angels St. Patrick’s Day anthology. I am so happy to have this cover. 

Star Crossed is free today at Amazon.


Paty Jager said...

Great set of rules, Chris. I agree with all of them. I've found I get more done if I click out of the internet before I start writing, that way if someone instant messages me it doesn't pull me away and while I do tend to look somethings up as I go, it makes my put in ?? and keep on writing then later go back and find the answers to my ??. Unless the thing I need to look up is crucial to a scene, then I go on and give myself on X amount of time to look up the answer and get back to the ms.

Congrats on all the new books coming out!

Genene Valleau, writing as Genie Gabriel said...

The old fanny in chair/hands on keyboard rule works for me most of the time. However, I've also found out how many distractions I can conjure up when the story isn't flowing. Sheesh! I've had to be very stern with myself lately about banishing distractions. However, once I'm rolling with the story I don't want to do anything else--even though my doggies say it's time for a snack or dinner. :)

Chris, so good to hear you excited about writing again and see the releases rolling out!

Danita Cahill said...

Finding quiet time around my house is the most challenging hurdle.

when I wrote Mist, my second son was a baby. He took a long nap every morning, so I spent four hours every day for nine months. It took years to carve out the time to do the edits.

My latest fiction project is going along nicely. It's shorter, for one thing, and is a less complicated book.

I keep going back to what our own Annabeth Albert did that worked for her - open the file you are working on every day. Most of the time it will draw you in enough to do at least some work on it.

Best of luck with all your projects, Chris!