Thursday, January 17, 2013



This past week, I finished book #8 of my Halo Legacy Series--serious issues, action, romance, and some mystery--and switched to writing an anthology that's supposed to be humorous. 

But I'm struggling to be funny. Not good.

So I went to one of my favorite research tools (the Internet) and keyed in comedy. I watched some of what was labeled comedy and didn't crack a smile. 

And I wondered: am I losing it? (My sense of humor, not the sanity I've never laid claim to!)

And, finally, I found laugh-out-loud comedy in comedians actually older than I am. :)

Jonathan Winters, who can make up weird and hilarious (to me) skits using a stick or a pen and pencil set. Carol Burnett and Charo in (almost) matching red sequined pants and midriff-baring tops. Jonathan Winters (again) with Robin Williams.

How can some people make comedy out of nothing but their imagination?

I did ask my grown son for some of his favorite comedians. I hadn't heard of them, but he hadn't heard of Jonathan Winters or Charo either--who I had forgotten was a pretty darn good guitar player.

Beyond loosening up my funny bone again, it was good for me to spend an hour or so laughing. 

Do you have a favorite comedian or a show/movie that's guaranteed to make you laugh?


Paty Jager said...

I agree, it takes the older comedians to make me laugh too. Unless it's someone doing a monologue on family's or child rearing that doesn't have foul language in it. Jeff Foxworthy is really funny. But then I can relate to the Redneck jokes!

Good luck writing humor. It's hard!

Genene Valleau, writing as Genie Gabriel said...

Ah, yes, Jeff Foxworthy--I know most of those people he talks about in his routines. LOL!

I'm slowly rediscovering my funny bone, but decided not to force it with this novella, because of course it will then seem forced. I'm just writing and will let the humor develop naturally. (I hope!)

Meggan McQuaid said...

I'm sure you will find your way, G: you always do!

When I was a kid I Bill Cosby was my favorite comedian. I had one of his records, and also a VHS of several skits. "Don't touch me, don't you touch me," was sooooooo funny. And that dentist routine? HI-larious.

I have since discovered that, like you, I don't generally find popular humor funny. Sometimes, but not often. I will laugh at something and the people around me, including my family, will just look at me.

I don't currently have a favorite. I like Jeff Foxworthy, too, though, partly because I can truly relax when I'm listening to him. Lots of other comedians' with throw vulgarity or worse in to their acts, and I don't know when it's coming, so I stay tense and don't laugh as much.

I will say, though, that Craig Ferguson is funny. There is a video of one of his acts on Netflix, and he cusses his way through the whole thing, but in a wholesome way. Odd, but true.

Genene Valleau, writing as Genie Gabriel said...

Hi, Meggan! Bill Cosby is wonderful! Yes, I had a record of his too--think I might have swiped it from one of my brothers--that I loved. I'll have to check out Craig Ferguson. Cussing in a wholesome way does indeed sound odd. :) Thanks for the suggestion.

In the meantime, my story is morphing. It will be interesting how it eventually turns out!