Thursday, December 06, 2012


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Posted by: Genie Gabriel

I'm going to stray from the topic of writing for this post to give a shout out to other creative outlets. One of my friends, who paints fabulous water colors, has a number of her paintings hanging in the Red Raven Gallery in downtown Salem. I went to see her and missed her by probably less than a minute because it took me so looong to find a place to park. I hope that meant there were lots of people enjoying the Art Walk downtown. There are twenty-one locations downtown exhibiting the work of local artists through the end of December.

I've been in my writing cave so long I'd forgotten how I love the work of other artists. Not just paintings, but wood carvings (I love to touch wood but restrained myself), pottery, jewelry, knitted or crocheted scarves. Pretty much anything creatively handmade. 

I was also reminded how lucky I am to have friends who are talented. Several of them women named Kim--one who does finely detailed drawings and paintings; another who is taking fabulous photos; another growing her own grapes and making wine. And at least two friends--not named Kim--who make incredible quilts.

I'm not going to list all the incredibly talented people I know who have creative outlets besides or in addition to writing. The list would be very long and I'd keep updating the post as I thought of yet another talented person.

So, though we're two weeks past Thanksgiving, I'd like to say how thankful I am to know such talented people--in addition to writers, of course! The beauty of their creativity is one of the things that fills the well of my soul. So thank you all for the beauty your bring to this world. 

And if you have a creative outlet other than writing, please share what it is. I know many writers also find joy in other creative outlets.

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