Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Merely Wounded

Wow. I just realized I've missed my last several scheduled posts. Bad blogger, no biscuit!

I can't believe it's November already. I had so many plans after the RWA Conference in July. Sadly, few of them have happened. Let's see...I was going to: (1) finish the final Big Edit on THE LAZARUS GAMBIT and send it out to the agents/editors who requested it in Anaheim; (2) Gather my research for my next books, THE SUNDERED EARTH and TIAMAT; (3) Put together the minimal outlines for those books; and (4) Decide which one to work on first and Start Writing.

And where am I? Still working on the Big Edit. Some of this has to do with having a reaction to the Golden Heart thing and needing a break in general. A lot of it, however, has to do with wanting the book to be good...and there's this whole big mess in the middle that I'm fighting with. I knew it was there, even if I did want to stick my fingers in my ears and close my eyes and just go "la-la-la" and ignore it.

I can't ignore it.

I can fix it. It's just taking longer and it's harder than I thought.

That's what I've been up to these last few weeks and what I'm still working on. How are things with you?


Genene Valleau, writing as Genie Gabriel said...

But you're still moving forward, Deb! That's the important thing. Projects seem to always take longer than I want them to. So where I can, I'm allocating more time to each project, saying "no thanks" to bright and shiny new projects, and learning to focus and work more efficiently on the projects I set as my priorities. Nothing new. Haven't we heard all that before? After all these years, I'm finally actually doing all those things! LOL!

Keep moving forward!

Christine Young said...

Good luck with the Big Edits. I certainly understand the thoughts of ignoring what needs to be fixed but then heaving the big sigh and doing what needs to be done. Good luck with all of this.