Thursday, November 22, 2012


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Posted by: Genie Gabriel

Maybe it's because I haven't started Christmas shopping or even thought about it much, but this year--for a change--Thanksgiving actually seems to have its own space and isn't just jammed between other holidays on the rush toward the end of the year.  

My grown sons will attest that I'm not much for traditions. On holidays, we do whatever we feel like doing and not always on the day designated by most of our society. However, I do have much to be grateful for and would like to share part of that list--some serious, some silly--that hopefully will bring a smile or a nod to you.

-- My "work" is things I love to do.

-- My house is warm and dry.

-- I can see that darn blinking cursor, and most of the time there are words beside it.

-- My dogs adore me--as long as meals are on time--and love to cuddle.

-- I have the power to heal and sometimes I quit whining long enough to use it.

-- I can walk, I can run--though kinda slowly--and I can laugh.

-- My sons and grandkids take time from their own lives to play cards or board games with me.

-- The lights still come on when I flip the switch and the thermostat on the furnace works.

-- The dishes are washed and the dusting can wait another few days.

AND I am also especially grateful to other writers who take the time to support each other and to share their thoughts. Please share one or two of your own special items of gratitude if you are so inclined and aren't too exhausted from shopping. :) 

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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Christine Young said...

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.