Thursday, October 11, 2012


Current Project: Halo Legacy Series
Status: writing book #7

Because I'm in deadline mania, writing faster is much on my mind. What helps me write faster? Here are some suggestions:

1. Deadline panic! I'm past my deadline and my publisher is being soooo nice.
2. BICHOK--the old "butt in chair, hands on keyboard" really does work for me. When writing moves to the top of my priority list--well, except for doggies and eating--I produce words.
3. Write every day. This kinda goes along with BICHOK. When the story is fresh in my mind, jumping back into it is much easier.
4. Make sure the research is done. When I have to stop in the middle of a book to do research, it really slows me down. I enjoy research and can become sidetracked easily. That can be very time-consuming.
5. Detailed plotting. I can hear pantsters moaning, but if I know where I'm headed, I get there faster. 
6. Know the craft of writing. Much of what slowed me down in the early years of my writing was I didn't have an intuitive feel for the structure of a novel. Well, that "intuitive feel" was a learned skill for me. I had to write a lot (some say at least a million words) before I knew when I should be introducing new issues and when it's time to wrap up subplots because the black moment is fast approaching.
7. Don't be afraid to "slash and burn." There comes a point in my editing when deleting is my friend. Notes to myself, phrases that make me go "huh?", scenes I love but don't move the story forward--all gotta go!

This is soooo much different than when I first started writing. It took fourteen years from the start of my first book until it was published. Granted, the first book was completely rewritten six or eight times. Also, I drafted several other books while I submitted the first one to publishers. However, this is still a long time. 

There are more ways I use to speed up my writing, but how about you? Do you have techniques that help you write faster?

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