Thursday, October 25, 2012


Current Project: Book #7 of Halo Legacy Series
Status: Almost finished!
Posted by: Genie Gabriel

I've come to think one of the most useful traits for a writer is flexibility. Why? Let's consider:

--Most writers also have a "day job," at least when they start writing. So you write when you can.

--Most writers also have other commitments and roles (spouse, mother, daughter, aunt, friend, pets, volunteer, etc.--you can add to this list). So you juggle your many different roles and hope everything doesn't come crashing down.

--When polishing a story, a critique partner might not like a particular part of your story or, heaven forbid, one of your main characters. Do you revise or feel strongly enough to leave it alone?

--When trying to get published, an agent or editor might not like a particular part of your story and ask for revisions, with still no guarantee of a sale. So do you revise or submit somewhere else?

--After you've sold a manuscript, an editor might request revisions. Do you revise or risk losing the contract? 

--Your cover sucks. Do you request something different or make the best of it?

--Sales are so-so or almost nonexistent. Do you hide in your cave or come up with a different marketing plan?

Yes, it's been a week or so of needing flexibility for me. How about? Are there other instances for you where flexibility has been your friend?

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