Thursday, September 27, 2012


Current Project: Halo Legacy Series
Status: Writing book #7
Posted by: Genie Gabriel

G'day, all!

Here's a video that would have been fun to see when I was writing my book with the doctor heroine the last couple months: . These guys are "A group of Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists that create and perform musical medical parodies throughout the United States." Great voices and funny songs. 

(The cover for that book is at left. This is the one several of you helped me choose a title for during the summer. Yes, I went with your suggestion. So thank you!)

Although it's probably good I didn't find this or I could have been side-tracked on the Internet for hours. For me, this is one of the dangers of research. 

Fortunately, my current book doesn't require as much research. I really would like to have a solid draft of this book done by the end of September--that's about 4500 words a day. Doable? Well, my world has narrowed pretty much to writing and meeting the basic needs of my herd of doggies. Other requests are met with a frown and a growl. (From me, not the doggies.) 

Well, except when I receive a link to a fun video from a friend or need to write a blog post. After all, I do need a break from the computer once in a while so I don't become a permanent part of the chair. :) I hope to have good news about the status of my latest book to share at our meeting next Thursday!

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