Friday, August 31, 2012

Paris In The Fall (even though this was taken in the summer)

Current Project: Catching Meara
Status: Almost finish with rough draft. 

Paris -- ah -- I must be in need of a vacation!

School is starting for the second year without me. Woo hoo !!!!!!

The forest is closing for weekdays starting the day after Labor Day. (Enchanted Forest) 

My focus will be changing in the next couple of days. I told Genene "Things were going to be slowing down." She kind of laughed at me. I think the terminology was a bit off. The focus will be different but nothing will be slowing down. 

I want to write about characters or plotting or something, but I'm once again in dire need of a topic. So many blogs and not enough topics. I love the marketing blogs. 

Pinterest still befuddles me. (This is a picture I took several years ago) It is beyond me why people would post pictures they want to sell on a site that allows easy copying. There is no place to buy a picture and there are no watermarks. Sigh... I did love using the pinterest pictures. But alas, I have abandoned them.

However,  pinterest is another source to market your books. One can put excerpts, blurbs, loglines and covers on pinterest to promote your book. I'm not sure if Barb (or was it Deb?) covered this in her last blog. She did mention pinterest. I have put most of my covers up and I'm in the process of finding pictures of heroines and heroes that I can put on my boards. It's fun but time consuming. 

(I would be happy to post other authors covers on my boards) 

I've fallen down this last three weeks on a lot of my advertising and I have seen a decrease in sales. Don't know if that is because school is starting and people are returning from vacations or because I haven't been advertising. Food for thought...

I have however, come to the conclusion that constant advertising once place or another is essential.

More ideas, what works and what doesn't are all greatly appreciated. 

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Genene Valleau, writing as Genie Gabriel said...

Chris, you have some wonderful photos from your vacations! I'm glad you're using them. :)

Marketing and promotion do take time. However, I was encouraged by an interview with J.D. Rain in InD'Tale online magazine about how his journey to bestsellerdom online grew gradually over time with tweaks to his books and how he marketed them.

Nice to know not everyone becomes a bestseller overnight. LOL!