Thursday, August 16, 2012


Current Project: Legacy Series
Status: Working on book #6
Posted by: Genie Gabriel

This may be a terrible confession for a romance writer…but I don't do well with heat. 

Please don't throw overripe tomatoes! I wanted an opening for this post that was a double entendre and it was hot today, so this one came to my overheated brain. :)

With weather temperatures that climbed over 100 degrees today and more of the same forecast for the next couple of days, my favorite task is not sitting at my computer, but watering my flowers. If the sprinklers happen to get me a bit wet, so much the better!  

However, I can use the time watering to brainstorm upcoming scenes for my latest project!

So, standing in the spray of the sprinkler, my story should be set in the fall or spring of the year, with the careers of the hero and heroine involving water, right?

Hmm…my current work in progress has a firefighter hero. Yeah, that involves water, but can you imagine being encased in a garment several layers thick and packing 40-50 pounds of gear in 100+ degree temperatures? Then you walk into fires where the temperatures are several hundred degrees.

OK, doesn't exactly fit with doing things to stay cool. Guess it's a good thing writers are creative and can write about things they don't personally experience. 

So I'm going to depart from a writing related question for all of you and ask what you do to stay cool. 

In addition to being good buddies with my sprinklers, during the hottest part of the day, I napped. This evening, I set a pan of ice in front of the fan so the air would be cooler. Other ideas?

Stay cool!


Barbara Cool Lee said...

You poor thing! I had no idea it was that hot up there. I do tend to set my stories in cool, foggy locations, now that I think of it. I usually have weather figure into my stories, but I haven't had a heat wave in a book that I remember. I'll have to try that when I'm writing during the winter to warm me up.

To stay cool, hmmm. (Will you hate me if I say it's 72 degrees here, and the fog is rolling in off the ocean right now, and we've had grilled veggie burgers under the tree on the back patio three days in a row?) I guess to stay cool I nap (like you), sit in the shade, drink cold lemonade, and try not to let any warm, fluffy pets climb on my lap!

Glad you got your post to show up--and let us know about it. You caught me on the surface when I popped my head up to check my email. Now I'm going back down into my cave to finish my unfinished book (due YESTERDAY, eeek!).

Happy writing, everyone.


Genene Valleau, writing as Genie Gabriel said...

Hey, Barb! Good to hear from you! Just hearing about your perfect weather cools me off. Maybe my doggies and me should move to the coast. :)

Today was actually better inside my house. Maybe because I was more vigilant about keeping things cooled off.

Hope you get your book finished!