Thursday, August 02, 2012


Current Project: The Legacy Series
Status: editing book #6
Posted by: Genie Gabriel

My weekends seem to be busy lately. Going to the Evergreen Aviation Museum a couple weeks ago. Participating in the NW Book Festival in Portland's Pioneer Square this past Saturday. And--fingers crossed--going to the Great Oregon Steam-Up in Brooks this weekend, hoping to find some idea gems to use in a steam-punkish novella I'll be writing later this year. 

Though I've promised myself a break from writing after my Legacy Series books are finished, my creative mind wants to use these places I've visited in stories. The Spruce Goose could be a marvelous, mysterious gateway to an alternate universe, don't you think? The weather clock in Pioneer Square could mist something besides water to affect the behaviors of the people passing by. And I'm definitely planning on events at the Steam-Up this weekend becoming part of a novella. 

It always surprises me when someone asks where I get my ideas for books, because sometimes I have to rein in my creativity so I don't offend strangers or the neighbors. 

For instance, one day I saw people in a parking lot moving something from the trunk of one car to another vehicle. Probably something as mundane as luggage filled with clothes. However, the first thought that popped into my mind was "what are they doing with that body?" Of course, they might have been smuggling weapons or diamonds. What better plan than to do this in the daylight when no one--except a writer--would suspect a thing?

No, I didn't call the police. I didn't take pictures or stop and ask them suspicious questions. I didn't want anyone to think I was crazy, and some people don't understand, "I'm a writer and this would make a great scene in my story."

What about you? Have you seen something suspicious, and found out later it was totally mundane? Or did you hold onto your "what if" story and include it in a book?

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