Friday, July 20, 2012

Triberred - Stumbled Upon - Pinned

Current Project: Catching Meara
Status: Finishing Chapter Six today

Promoting is a roller coaster ride.

I attended a two day internet workshop put on by MFRW, marketing for romance authors. I have joined this group and I can honestly say it is the best yahoo group I have ever  become a part of. The members are willing to spend time with you helping you learn new marketing techniques. The workshops were phenomenal and left my mind full of brand new ideas. Some of which I could deal with because I had prior knowledge and some I am still stumbling with.

Triberr -- this is a network of blogs, helping to link lots of blog posts with twitter. How? Well there are different tribes. The one I joined is "mischievous authors."So all of my blog posts show up in what is called the "tribal stream" And all of the other tribe members posts show up there too. My job is to approve posts in the tribal stream. I'm expected to do this a couple of times a week. when I approve a blog, it goes on to twitter. Then I retweet. Pretty easy. 

It's all about networking.

Stumble Upon -- Still can't figure this one out. Although there is a tribe, I think, for stumble upon.

Pinterest -- This one I've been using since last September but not very well. I now know, I can post my book trailers as well as my book covers. I had already posted a few covers but have not utilized this as well as I could. 

I have my Highland series which is now a board of its own. I have pinned pictures of Collin "Hawke" MacPherson and Ian MacPherson. I will be posting the video as soon as I update it. And I will also be posting  a blurb, excerpt and log line for each book. I have started a board for my Lakota/Pinkerton series and my 12 Dancing Princesses series. What a great tool for getting your name out there. 

Love it,
Do any of you have any social networking tip?

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