Friday, July 06, 2012

Fighting Evil or Embracing It

Current Project: Catching Meara
Status: Just started chapter 5

The topic this week is intriguing. Bad guy are the most fun to write, at least for me. They can do and say anything they please. They can be multidimensional and even have some good qualities. But I don't think my villains ever have good in them.

As a reader of romance I would have a difficult time with a womanizer who has declared his love for a woman but continues to make love with other women or in some cases men. But there are good books who have this very story line. But as others have said, there have to be some very good reasons for the hero to stray from his heroine. 

Most of my books have antagonists who stand in the way of either the hero or the heroine from finding true love. To me this adds dimension to the story. One of the things the ebook industry has helped are the stereotypical plot lines that have to be a certain way to be published. 

I say go with your gut. Make sure you justify everything your characters do even if it isn't the norm. And you will have a book that works. 

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