Friday, June 08, 2012

Continuing the search

Current Project: Untitled but considering the title: Catching Mera
Status: On Chapter 3

I love research so it is not a surprise I typically write historical romance. I have a very hard time with people who don't like to learn. As a teacher of high school students I particularly disliked the question "When will I ever use this?" Many times I replied, this mostly concerning math, "You can use something you haven't learned." 

I love to learn new things and delve into the unknown. With my newest work, an erotic fantasy romance, I have injected a shape shifter. He shifts into a jaguar. I learned that even the black cats have what is called are called rosettes. It just harder to see on the black cats. I also placed him in the Sierra Madre Mountains. One parent being an Apache the other white. 

My Lakota/Pinkerton series was based on the Lakota Sioux. I learned some basic language and a lot about their history. So now I'm taking on the Apache. It's fun but time consuming yet I'm loving every moment.

Oh, and I learned something very important about the jaguar. This big cat likes water. And most of my books have swimming scenes in them. I was thrilled to discover this.

Where is your research taking you?


Genene Valleau, writing as Genie Gabriel said...

Hi, Chris! My research is taking me into the fire after an explosion. :) A little more down-to-earth than a shapeshifter, but a different world for me.

Love your black jaguar!

Barbara Cool Lee said...

I love the potential title! Very intriguing. And I had no idea jaguars liked to swim. Now I know not to jump in a lake if one's after me!

I don't tend to do deliberate research that much. What I find is that I become fascinated with something, and when I start I have no idea why I'm obsessing, but eventually I figure out what story my subconscious is trying to tell and go from there.

I used to think I was nuts for becoming fascinated by the most obscure things... For my fantasy series (the magical Samurai nuns one) I was obsessed with burials (ugh, I know). All kinds of burial rituals, from the Egyptian Book of the Dead, to the burial tombs at Ur, to the Terracotta Warriors in China--I couldn't get enough of them. The kernel of the story actually started when I was in elementary school and our class went to the Rosicrucian Egyptian museum in San Jose. My mom remembers how upset I was that there were real mummies there. I said it was wrong to take them out of their tombs because they believed they needed to be there to go to their afterlife. How unfair to take something away from them even it doesn't make sense to us. (Yes, I was a strange child .) The story that came from that is very much focused on burial rituals, and what they tell about a culture.

My current obsessions are cupcake bakeries, Korean pop music, and quilting. A lot less icky, but who knows what story I'm working on back there in my subconscious....

Very thought-provoking post, Chris!