Monday, May 07, 2012

Weekly Progress Check-In

Welcome!  This is the Mid-Willamette Valley RWA chapter's weekly progress check-in.

Did you meet your writing goals last week?  What do you plan to accomplish this week?

(The best prize is achieving your writing goals, but as an extra incentive, we will award gift cards from Powell's bookstore to the chapter member and the non-member who check in for the most weeks in 2012.)


Genene Valleau, writing as Genie Gabriel said...

Good morning, all! Hope you had a productive writing week.

I started a new blog tour today to promote LEGACY OF ANGELS, my May 1 release. Two stops today and one a week for three more weeks. It's a very manageable schedule for me. In addition to promotion, I'm also closing in on the final edits for the fifth book of my LEGACY series. It should go to a beta reader at the end of this week. Then I'll be starting edits to book #6 of the series.

I also finished two book covers for other authors last week as well as tweaking the covers for books #4 and #5 of my LEGACY series. Trying a bit of a different tone than the earlier covers. The draft for book #5 is on my LEGACY blog **** if you want to take a look and offer comments.

Happy writing to all!

Deborah Wright said...

Genene, you are always an inspiration!

I finally today (Tues) finished revising THE LAZARUS GAMBIT and sent the full ms out to an agent who'd requested it. Whew!

I think I'll take a couple of days off before starting a round of querying and jumping back into the WIP.

Meggan McQuaid said...

Here is a great description about my writing status, from an email I write last week.

I have decided (before I read this blog post, actually) to re-write EVERYTHING! This is actually a good thing and I'm really, really excited about it. All along I've loved world-building, but my planet got away from me, and Greenville wasn't quite right, either. I figured out why! And I'm fixing it.

I'm going back to my very first world idea. It's the one I was most excited about, but there was a flaw in it that I couldn't resolve. I just resolved it, though (this is how my brain works, people; give it to the backbrain, set it on simmer, and wait), yayayayayayayayayay!!!!!!

Now I am going to build, out of all the pieces I have, ONE great world that I can then use for Callie-the-dancer; Sadie-the sculptor; my as-yet-un-named Guild Assassin who falls in love with her mark and has to prove he's been framed; Bree, my interior decorator who somehow ends up falling in love with the head of the local shapeshifter clan even though she has no idea that's who he is; J-something, my gal who has to take five husbands at age 16; Blossom, who is getting married for all the wrong reasons and loses her virginity to a passing dragon patrolman on the back porch of the bridal-gown salon; and all the other stories I have already thought of. It's going to be challenging! FUN!

This is the way my favorite authors and some other successful writers do it...Anne McCaffrey, Mercedes Lackey, Charlaine Harris,Terry Pratchett, Ilona Andrews, Patricia Briggs, Laurell K Hamilton, J.K. Rowling, and anyone who writes in the pre-built world of Regency England. This is the way I wanted to do it from the first. And it only took me two years to figure that out! Whew! (Could have been worse, could have been worse, could have...)

Now I've written enough to have learned some important things about myself as a writer, what I want to do, what makes me happy. Since publication is a long-term goal for me, being happy while I'm writing is really important.

Right now I feel almost giddy about this decision. The phrase "burbling joy" keeps coming to mind.

Anyway, I thought you-all should know, since it will change what you get from me at critique. And no, I probably won't have anything ready by our next session.

Oh, and on the advice of Orson Scott Card who wrote the definitive "How to Write Science Fiction and Fantasy," who says that for a variety of reasons it's smart to choose one or the other, I am choosing fantasy. Now I get to make up my own magic rules! FUN!

Genene Valleau, writing as Genie Gabriel said...

Hey, Deb! Congrats on finishing revisions and sending off that manuscript! Days off sounds good. :)

Meggan, sounds like you've made major progress! One world is great and your stories sound interesting. Now time to write, write, write!