Thursday, May 10, 2012


Current Project: Book #5 of LEGACY series
Status: Going to beta reader this week
Posted by: Genene Valleau, writing as Genie Gabriel

On Monday, I started another blog tour to promote my latest release, LEGACY OF ANGELS. 

Some authors have gone wild and crazy and hit a different blog every day for twenty or thirty days. The very idea of doing that had my eyes rolling back in my head. At 750 to 1000 words per blog, that's enough words to write a novella!

So I found a more sane (for me) schedule--a different blog once a week for four weeks. That I can handle! I did this kind of tour with my March 1 release and thought it worked well. I got a mix of comments from my loops and new-to-me readers. I've also heard not everyone who reads a blog leaves a comment, so there could be masses out there lining up to buy my books. :)

Which leads to the question: how does this translate into sales? Not sure. It would be wonderful to have hourly rankings as on the Amazon web site. However, I'd probably be spending time checking stats instead of writing. 

So for now, I see blog tours as an investment to build readership over the release schedule of my series. I'm getting my name out to potential readers and will consider sales as I get statistics for them.

As a reader and/or writer, how do you feel about blog tours? Is this something you do or will consider for promotion? And have you ever bought a book from reading about an author who is touring?

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Meggan McQuaid said...

Congrats on your latest release!

I will consider blog tours. I got some great advice from Barb last week when she was visiting; doing blog tours you don't have to promote yourself or your book, just talk about how much fun it was to write and how much you love the world you've built. I have been anxious about self-promotion and this advice eased my anxiety greatly.

I am also interested in a blog REVIEW tour. You get a bunch of bloggers to review your book by offering contests or prizes to their readers or reciprocal reviews. It takes a lot of planning, but then you have a bunch of reviews, and you have still gotten the word out about your book.

Since I myself don't really read blogs very much, I haven't bought books from the tours but once or twice. I have to take up the practice of reading blogs, compile a list of them I like. I have decided this can wait until I finish at least one draft!

Again, congrats on your success, inspire me!