Thursday, May 24, 2012


Current Project: LEGACY SERIES
Status: Book #5 to beta reader & cover finished!
Posted by: Genene Valleau, writing as Genie Gabriel

I got to "The End" of edits of the fifth book of my LEGACY series on Sunday and sent it to a beta reader. 

As Chris mentioned in her post last Friday about how many times a writer should edit, there's no "rule" for me either. I edit until it feels right--or deadlines force me to let go of the manuscript. :)

I'll probably make a few tweaks when the manuscript comes back from the beta reader. Then it will go to my publisher, who will have more tweaks, then the copy and line edits.   

So The End isn't really The End. LOL!  

Besides, I have several more books of my LEGACY series to edit and write before the big THE END. :)

It felt good to reach that milestone in producing LEGACY book #5. And I realized it's important for me to pause before going back to the "to do" list and celebrate these kind of milestones. That may be something as simple as basking in the feeling of accomplishment and taking a few days to catch up on other things before diving into edits of the next book. But celebrating is good. (In celebration, I also finished the cover for this book. :)

How do you celebrate your accomplishments--whether small or something major?

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Meggan McQuaid said...

I do a little happy dance, try to get my family to dance with me for about a minute, and then we move on. It's quick and fun.