Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Adventures in Self-Publishing: POD

Hi, all.  Was gonna write a long, involved explanation of POD (print on demand), and how I came to choose CreateSpace to print the paperback versions of my ebooks, but, alas, this guy has not visited me:

So I am way behind on my writing.

The lesson:  trying to be your own author, editor, designer and publisher is like, totally, time-consuming.

Short summary of the CreateSpace thing:  it's easy (just pick a book size, download their book template and format your text to match, save as pdf, upload, proof), it's fairly quick (they take a couple of days to review your submitted text before approving it), and it's cheap (I'll be able to sell paperback versions of my Pajaro Bay novels for $7.99, the same price as a typical New York-published mass-market paperback).  What's not to like?

Eventually I'd like to offer a hardcover large-print edition of the books as well. For that I'll try Lulu. They offer hardcovers, which CreateSpace does not, and my understanding is that they are a better choice for worldwide distribution, while CS seems more U.S.-based.

There's also LightningSource, a subsidiary of Ingram (the giant book distributor). They are definitely not user friendly, but do appear to have the best distribution options available.

So that's all on the POD subject for today.  Happy writing, everyone!

Barbara Cool Lee

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Genene Valleau, writing as Genie Gabriel said...

Hey, Barb! I was curious how much a POD cost on CreateSpace. So thank you for answering that question. :)

I can definitely relate to trying to do it all--and I'm not doing everything, thank goodness. I like having a team of people to bounce ideas off and to brainstorm with.

Going it alone can definitely be time-consuming. But you are doing such a good job! Take a deep breath, take a break, and go back at it. :)