Friday, April 13, 2012

Looking For Inspiration

Current Project: Rebel Heart
Status: last edits almost finished

I was looking for inspiration for another blog post so I googled pinterst. I found this quote which seems to fit me today. I'm still not sure what I'm writing about but there will be a post. 

I am thoroughly enjoying Bard's blogs on self-publishing.  They are an inspiration. When I commented I forgot to input my feelings about her title, In Deep Water. Having read the excerpt following The Honeymoon Cottage, I really like the new title.

Where Rebel Heart is concerned it seems to keep growing. I know I should cut but I'm not sure what to cut. It has grown to approximately 132,800 words and 363 pages. I know I shouldn't worry too much about the length. But is this too long?

Any comments would be welcome here.

I have also changed it from a hot 'inuendo' romance to erotic. Not sure about this change either. Hoping to increase my followers and buyers of my books. 

Oh, where to go from here. I know! Stop rambling, Chris.


Genene Valleau, writing as Genie Gabriel said...
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Genene Valleau, writing as Genie Gabriel said...

Sorry! Left out a word on the previous try. Here's what I was trying to say...

Wow, Chris! That sounds like a lot of words but, as you said, does it matter? Is there a logical place your could separate it into two or three installments and release those a week or two weeks or a month apart? Or split it into four pieces if you're still writing and release one a week?

E-books give us so much flexibility! And if this is going to be a series (??) you might start a new trend! Price each installment at 99 cents or do the first one free. Lots of possibilities. Will be interested in seeing what you come up with on this!

Barbara Cool Lee said...

I would love to read a historical that's 132,000 words. That sounds like an in-depth, epic story, and that's what I want from a historical. I like to get immersed in a big story and spend a long time in the world before it ends.

But now that I'm reading Genene's suggestion to release in multiple parts, that's an interesting way to go, too. I would be careful not to make each section super-short (like 5000 words or something like that). I've seen a couple of people releasing each individual chapter for 99¢, and a lot of readers seem to find that annoying (you end up paying $20 for a book by the time you're done). But 2, 3, 4 or even more sections of such a long work might be a really great idea.

Oh, to have the problem of a too-long novel! I always tend to write short....