Thursday, March 15, 2012


Current Project: The LEGACY series
Status: Writing, editing, promoting
Posted by: Genie Gabriel

I really liked Meggan's post yesterday about enjoying the leisurely pace of her writing right now. I applaud her for being comfortable with where she is in her journey. 

Perhaps because I wasn't always comfortable with the pace of my writing, I did a lot of comparing with other writers. They could produce three or four publishable books every year. I was still working on my first book after several years. 

Even more frustrating for me was other writers "got it." They knew how to put together memorable characters who battled their way through internal and external conflict, while keeping the plot interesting and moving at a pace that kept readers turning pages. I was still struggling not to "head hop" from one point of view to another with every other paragraph. 

Fast forward, ahem, a few years  and now my biggest challenge is balancing writing and promoting without neglecting my family or my doggie herd. Sometimes I do a good job of balancing. Other times I drop a plate or two in my juggling act and need to pause to sweep up the pieces. That's OK too. 

Like Meggan, I've learned to be comfortable at the current point in my journey. Granted, I've had to put my "to do" list on a database to be productive enough to keep up. However, I've also learned how much I can do. That's very rewarding!

Where are you in your writing journey? Are you happy with the pace of your writing or planning to make some changes?


Meggan McQuaid said...

Ah, yes, balance! I have been in the Balance 101 Class for years and years. I wonder if a Balance 102 is even offered?

I've been victim to pace-envy and craft-envy, too. Its one of the reasons I'm interested in getting an agent...I want someone to liaise with the publishing world on my behalf while I constantly strive to become a better writer.

I'm very glad you see your strengths. But rivalry and admiration are great motivators, don't you think?

I am so honored to watch your journey...congrats again on your launch!

Genene Valleau, writing as Genie Gabriel said...

Hi, Meggan! I think if we master Balance 101 we might not need 102? And if we flunk Balance 101, we just get to take it over and over again!

Rivalry and admiration as motivators? Hmm... Admiration, yes, because it can give you something to strive for. But rivalry has a lot of negative meaning to me about winning at any cost. On the other hand, I'm amazed at people who can "battle" on a sports field and be buddies after the game is over. Guess I could argue both sides of that one. LOL!

Thanks for your kind words about my launch and writing journey. There is much behind-the-scenes activity that I hope no one every witnesses. :)

Catherine Lee said...

Genie...The way to handle so many plates in the air? Use paper or plastic! LOL. Most of the time, there are things that we're juggling that really don't matter if they fall. Sometimes it's best to just let those less important things drop.

Christine Young said...

Genene, we are all plagued with the balance. But your journey has been great and at the right pace for you. I think we all have times when we compare ourselves to others and that is really the wrong thing to do because so many times when we compare, we start getting those horrid negative thoughts.

Genene Valleau, writing as Genie Gabriel said...

LOL, Catherine! Great idea to use paper or plastic plates. And you're right about sometimes letting the plates fall. Then we find out what's really important, don't we?

Glad you stopped in!

Genene Valleau, writing as Genie Gabriel said...

Hey, Chris! Yep, negative thoughts often result from comparing our journey to someone else's. Which just slows down or side-tracks our journey, which results in more frustration, which results...

LOL! It's taken me awhile, but I'm finally comfortable with my own least most of the time. :)