Friday, March 30, 2012


Current Project:  Rebel Heart
Status: Revamping the story as well as the cover.

Unleash the power:

My words to remember. It might be the B12 injections or it might be the books I have been reading but I am energized and brimming with ideas. It has been so long since I have really wanted to write. I've always said, "I was tired." but the truth is, I didn't have a direction. Nor did I have ideas. There was nothing in my head that wanted to pop out on the pages. Until now.

Now as with Genene, my first priority is to write. I write first then I edit and then and only then do I blog. I'm trying to write ten pages a day. Wow, as I write this I have only written 5 1/2. Does this page count? Fraid not.

I have no words of wisdom just faith in my passion and I hope all of you will keep the faith.

I want to thank Barb for the wonderful suggestion of the kindle select program and the five free days of advertising. This seems to me to be cost affective, and not very much work. The blog tours I have gone on are far from painless. With anything there are no guarantees that something you put effort in will pay off. But the amazon select so far has been the best bet for me.

Also, Barb, I finished The Honeymoon Cottage on the way home from Eagle Crest on Wednesday. I really enjoyed the book. I plan on posting a short review on Amazon as soon as I find the time. Eek, I still have two blogs to write.

Thanks Barb. 

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Genene Valleau, writing as Genie Gabriel said...

Hey, Chris! So glad you're re-energized and writing like crazy again!