Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Today's Moment of Zen

Milford Sound, New Zealand, 2009 (click image for larger version)

I was going to write a post about the struggles I'm having with my current book, but I decided to share a picture of one of the most beautiful places on earth I've ever had the privilege to visit instead. The photo was taken in February of 2009 very early in the morning.

As for the book...I have the characters and the conflict, but the world just won't come together in the way it needs to in order to be believable. The decision I think I've come to is to give it another week and then put it on the back burner and move on. I know there's a book here, but perhaps I'm not ready to write it yet. Very frustrating.

Have you wrestled with a story, only to set it aside for another time? If so, did you ever go back and write it? Please share!

Deborah Wright
Twitter: @DeborahBWright


Genene Valleau, writing as Genie Gabriel said...

Love the photo! Thanks for sharing, Deb.

Yep, I've wrestled with stories. Yep, I've gone back and rewritten them. The first one published was rewritten six or eight times--everyone has probably heard my story about that by now.

And I really understand the feeling "perhaps I'm not ready to write it yet." I have about half a book--single title-- drafted and waiting that I worked on probably ten years ago. I knew I couldn't do justice to it then. Now it will have to wait until other projects are finished. :)

I've heard other authors say they have books that will never see the light of day. However, with ones I've drafted, I can always see pieces that are worthy of being saved--a quirky or interesting character, a wonderful plot idea, an unusual setting...and sometimes I combine these different ideas into one story.

As with most things, it's an individual choice whether to move on or BICHOK (butt in chair, hands on keyboard). Good luck with your decision!

Paty Jager said...

Deb, beautiful photo! I feel the zen.
Yep, I've had two of my books that were eventually published that after setting them aside went through changes that ended up making them publishable. No matter how much you love a plot/premise or the characters some times you have to step back and look at them from a different perspective to make them work.

Meggan McQuaid said...

I feel you, Deb! While I've never published, I HAVE set things aside in favor of some deep "percolation" time. I feel this is a better way to view "writer's block." Sometimes there is a key element that hasn't come to me yet.

Good luck with your decision!