Thursday, January 05, 2012


Current Project: Promoting Valentine's and St. Patrick's Anthologies
and editing LEGACY series
Status: Zooming!
Posted by: Genene Valleau, writing as Genie Gabriel

I didn't make resolutions or set goals with the turning of the New Year. I did that a few months back to save what little was left of my sanity. My first three novels were re-issued back to back in a month's time at special prices. 

Great promotion move, but an incredible increase in my workload. Because the promotion for those books paused only slightly before sliding into promotion for  Valentine's Day and St. Patrick's Day anthologies, which wrap up as I'm deep in promotion for my new LEGACY series. 

So I set my goals for the upcoming two years back in October. Yeah, I'm not doing anything by the "rules" for setting New Year's goals and resolutions. However, my series of at least nine books will be released every two months beginning March 2012. So until the end of 2014--or later--most of my life will revolve around writing, editing and promoting my LEGACY series. 

And keeping myself and my doggies happy and healthy. :)

So setting goals for one year beginning in January didn't work for me. 

And instead of just writing down a list of goals on a cocktail napkin, I set up a database with a detailed schedule. (I did tell you I wasn't following the New Year's rules. :)

So I'm about three months into my goals/resolutions. I'm meeting most of my goal deadlines, have survived the holidays, and am adapting to surprises. One of those surprises was coming up with covers for my novellas that were published in the anthologies I mentioned above. 

The cover for "St. Batzy & the Time Machine" was drafted and just needed to be finaled. However, I loved the style of that cover so much, I completed three versions of a cover for "Chasing Rainbows" before I came up with one I loved as much as "St. Batzy." (Just had to share, so they are posted here--hopefully without the spacing going completely weird. :) 

Now those are done, I'm getting back on track with edits and other projects that are on my "to do" database. 

Most people probably don't go as detailed as I've done with goal setting. But do you make New Year's resolutions and set goals? And how do you keep yourself on track with keeping those resolutions and meeting your goals?

P.S. That's one of my dogs on the cover of "St. Batzy & the Time Machine." And, yes, if I had a time machine in my back yard, I think he would really be traveling back and forth through history, and digging up all kinds of mischief!

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