Friday, January 06, 2012

I've Become a Workaholic

Current Project:  Ghost Dance
Status:  Waiting for edits

Push to promo, and I've learned so much. I have an extensive backlist that has never sold very well. I didn't know what to do to promote my books. Since retirement, last June, I have had the time to sit down at the computer and explore cyberspace. For all of you out there just beginning, realize you must take baby steps. No one can learn everything all at one time. Now I find I spend way too much time with blogs than I do on writing. I'm trying to become a bit more left brain and start scheduling my time. Unfortunately when one works with photo shop and other on line whatever... one hour can easily turn into three.

I love the new lending library at amazon and I am diligently trying to find out more about it. I understand one must be a certain type of member (prime?) to use it. And I understand one has to pay extra for it. Books can be sold for free on this site and they are put there by the author. Books are not automatically put there.

Paty, is that what you did for your Christmas novella? And what is it called?

As with Genene I plan on putting my two novellas on this site for free. The one from the valentines Day Anthology is called The Gift and is set during the War Between the State. This is one of my 
favorite times in history.
The Gift
Star Crossed is the name of my novella in A St. Patrick's Day Tale. It is set in Ireland in 1813. The story came from a tale my mom used to tell me about how my great grandfather used to be friends with every one during the week but Sunday after church the protestant boys and the catholic boys would gather and have a good round of fisticuffs. 

This cover is still a work in progress:
Star Crossed


Paty Jager said...

I agree with the way things are changing there is something new to learn every day. And blogs whether to learn or to cheer a fellow author or to guest yourself take up time.
MY free book was made free at Smashwords when it showed up at ibooks and Nook for free I had people click the button "this books is cheaper" and Amazon finally made it free.
I've been studying the Prime and haven't become convinced it will help me do any better than I am now. But I may chose to use it for one of my new series. I'll have more time to see how it's worked for others before I make that decision.
The Christmas Novella is Christmas Redemption and it's no longer free. I only made it free through the holidays and 48,000 copies were downloaded. Hope that ups my sales.

Genene Valleau, writing as Genie Gabriel said...

LOL about becoming a workaholic, Chris! I'm also busier since I "retired." But it's doing things I love, so I can't seriously call it "work."

I really like your research on promotion, because it has also given me ideas I didn't have to search out myself. :)

Paty, 48,000 downloads sounds awesome! It will indeed be interesting to see how it affects sales of other books.