Friday, January 20, 2012

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Source: via Tay on Pinterest

It seems there is not a common thread these last two weeks of blogging in January. I thought the picture appropriate considering the weather this week. I will try to link this post to writing but somehow I doubt if I can. Maybe if one looks at the summoner of storms as a paranormal figure.

However, this was not where I was panning on going. Looking at the pictures of Turner I wonder at anyones common sense. Even before the '96 flood everyone is talking about, I remember driving over the bridge to Turner on Delaney Rd. and watching Mill Creek rise. All around that bridge is a flood plain. I wonder at anyones sanity at building a subdivision here. Perhaps the people who bought, I feel so sorry for them, never had the opportunities to watch Mill Creek flood the area. I think all of downtown Turner and Aumsville are underwater.

Hmmm... now how to relate my little rant to writing. I suppose common sense could be the theme. Common sense can dictate many things. Hey, perhaps some of you out there can make sense of this. I know I can't. I've scheduled 6 blogs today on the Angels blog. Trying to get ahead of the game. And I think my mind is a bit foggy.

I did tell Deborah I would at least post a picture. 


Deborah Wright said...

And a lovely picture it is! :-)

I've never understood the wisdom of building in a flood plain. I can only think there must be something reassuring when it's described as "100-year" flood plain, but you forget that's just a statistic. You weigh the odds of a major flood occurring and decide whether to take your chances.

I'm afraid I've never been much of a gambler.

Barbara Cool Lee said...

Beautiful picture. :-)

I see a similar situation near my home, where people have homes built on a sandstone cliff. I don't care how long some of those homes have been there, I have seen the cliffs erode in my lifetime, and I would never want one of those homes. But if you see them on a sunny day they are beautiful and the view is glorious. I'm glad to be away from the cliffs and on nice, solid, flat ground.

Stay safe, everyone!

Genene Valleau, writing as Genie Gabriel said...

Interesting picture! Though standing in a field with lightning flashing might not show much common sense. LOL!

Here's a possible link between common sense and writing. I've discovered common sense isn't common, and many, many people talk about writing a book but a small percentage ever do. So both common sense and writing are special gifts to be nurtured and treasured. OK, maybe a stretch...

In the meantime, I'm sending positive and DRY thoughts to the areas affected by flooding.