Friday, December 09, 2011

Ah, Distractions

Current Project: Editing Highland Song
Status: Haven't started but will soon

I am fortunate that I no longer have little children or older children to find other things for me to do. I babysit my granddaughter twice a week and I plan on not accomplishing anything those days. So, if I'm able during nap time to blog, write, or otherwise become productive I count that as a plus. 

So what is a distraction? I think blogging detours me from my writing but unfortunately if I wish to make some money from my books, I have to promote which means getting my name out there in cyber space. I have learned a lot by seeing other peoples blogs. Gosh one I was on recently had over one thousand followers. Whew... how on earth did she accomplish this? Time, creativity and promotion I would assume. 

I wish I could be as organized as Paty. I can't seem to say this time is for this and this hour is for that etc. If I could do this, I know I would be more productive. I believe one of my distractions is my exercise program. When I run in the morning, I'm so exhausted I can't seem to sit at the computer and put words down.

So my question to all of you is---drum roll please--what distracts you from writing? And what puts the fireworks into it?


Genene Valleau, writing as Genie Gabriel said...

What distracts me from writing? The thing I mentioned yesterday: e-mail, surfing the Internet, family (and doggie) demands, promotion...most of the usual challenges other writers face.

What puts the fireworks in my writing? Deadlines! LOL! Also the excitement of having a solution come "out of thin air," writing "The End," and knowing I will see my book for sale.

Barbara Cool Lee said...

Those are good questions, Chris. I think concentrating on the answers would help me use my time better.

Caring for family is a huge distraction for me--takes up much more time than I expect, no matter how I think I've planned ahead. Also trying to balance promo and writing. I'm working on a new web site and get lost in that for *hours*.

What fires me up is getting new stories on the page. When I'm stressing, it's because I'm not doing that. That should be a big fat message to me.

Paty Jager said...

Family is the biggest distraction for me.

And if I didn't allot time for things they wouldn't get done. That's just me.