Wednesday, November 09, 2011

NaNo Whato?

Current Project: Logger in Petticoats
Status: 21,000 words

I've not tried the NaNoWriMo challenge before. Mainly because I am a self motivated writer. I beat myself up enough if I don't make deadlines and don't need to rely on other methods to get the job done. However, I've found the more books I have written and the more promo I need to do, the less time I find for writing.

I'd hoped to be about double the word count I have by now but things just keep taking me away from the computer. I planned to make this my own personal NaNo month and so far, it's not working.  This week I spend two half days at schools teaching them writing basics from an authors standpoint. Well to go to town for that I end up doing other errands so I get only a couple of hours to work on the writing. My goal for next week is to spend every day in front of the computer and get my words really flowing. So do the NaNo dance for me when you're doing your own.

When I have a new post in two weeks, you can see if I've added any words or if this will be the first time I dont' make a deadline I've self imposed.

NaNo, NaNo!

Paty Jager


Genene Valleau, writing as Genie Gabriel said...

Paty, I'm guessing you'll have more words by your next post. :)

I really admire that you are self-motivated--both in writing and in promotion. It's the juggling act between the two (and the rest of our lives) that's the challenge for me!

Paty Jager said...

I agree, Genene. Juggling life, promo and writing is hard.