Friday, October 14, 2011

Where do I go from here

Current Project: Sharks
Status: plugging along

I have nothing new to add and I'm really stymied as to what to write. I use photoshop and photobucket with much to learn. The online tutorials are difficult for me because I don't know the basic vocabulary. I am a work in progress and try very hard to follow the directions. It can be so frustrating when no one can tell me where I went wrong.

For writing I use the word program that is on my computer. I don't even know the name. I'd run downstairs and ask my husband (so I'd sound a little bit more informed) but he is not home. I don't know how to use all of the icons at the top (I don't remember what that is called).

A couple of days ago my daughter corrected me when I used the term download. "Mom, that's an upload." Ok, so who cares? She knew what I meant. And now I don't remember which one is which. But I can do both--upload and download.

Maybe this would be easier for me if I learned the terminology. Like Genene, I am really happy I will not be expected to blog on this topic a third time. I most likely will not continue on with this ramble for the second blog.

Hopefully, my friends and fellow writers who blogged before me have helped you with technology.

Where do you go for help? And Genene, now that I'm thinking about it, we have to get together sometime and go over that airplane tutorial. I messed Jenee up so bad when we tried in NY, she couldn't remember how she did it.


Genene Valleau said...

I'd like to think we're all a work in progress when it comes to technology, Chris.

And you do have technology info to share--remember that Web site you shared with me that has the great graphic effect you can do in Photoshop?

For those with graphic ambitions, here's the url:

I want to go back to this site soon and do some of their tutorials with lettering. Fun stuff! (And, yes, we can do the airplane on fire effect again. )

Paty Jager said...

Chris, we should start a non-techie club! But then how would we help each other?? LOL

Sarah Raplee said...

The simplest (and probably least used) help in any software program is the Help Menu, often represented by a button with a question mark in it. Usually, the menu will include a search function (or 'type your question here'), an alphabetized index you can browse, tutorials, and Frequently Asked Questions.

Hmmm, Chris. Maybe you can search for 'Vocabulary' or 'Glossary'?

Also, those You Tube videos I blogged about are good for learning vocabulary.

good luck!