Thursday, October 27, 2011


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Posted by: Genene Valleau, writing as Genie Gabriel

Ack! I have the need for an automatic blog generator today. Because in spite of the automatic reminder that today is my day to blog--and my old-fashioned reminder of jotting a note, I forgot to write my blog yesterday and schedule it to post just after midnight as I usually do. (By the way, I looked up "auto blog writer" on the Internet and there are some options--which I choose not to take--so you're stuck with my own words. :)

While I was on the Internet I decided to look for excuses of why my blog wasn't written and posted. Of course there were sites for this, but I didn't look deep enough to see if "the dog chewed up my blog post" was among them. Besides, my dogs would rather lay in the sunshine that is now streaming across my back yard. Though I could legitimately use "my small white dog was barking at the back fence and I had to bring him inside so he could sit in 'time out' while I wrote this blog." I probably shouldn't confess he came in one door and out the other that one of the other dogs opened. Sigh. Need an automatic door closer...supposed I could get one of those online too!

Back to technology...

My thoughts this morning turned to what type of technology would help me as a writer. Others have discussed or given links to software that will help generate or organize stories. Since I like to use storyboards or vision boards, I searched for those. Yep, software--some of it free--to generate those also.

How about software to write story outlines? Yes. Character sketches? Of course. Ideas for plot twists? Lots of them.

Guess I'm a bit old-fashioned in that I prefer to do some of the work myself--or maybe I can see myself spending hours searching out these software packages and not getting any actual writing done.

However, in my Internet search, I also thought of ways to give my characters more depth. Up came blogs written by police officers (or lawyers or whatever). Though this type of search can also be amusing. I wondered if cowboys blogged and came up with a lengthy listing of blogs for the Dallas Cowboys football team. Um, not what I had in mind.

It's probably obvious I'm a fan of the Internet--at least most of the time. I've found so much information that's helpful to me in writing. Yet sometimes I also search and search but can't seem to generate exactly what I'm looking for.

How about you? Please share your most amusing or odd or productive or frustrating search for something on the Internet?

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