Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Current Project: Galley edits for Spirit of the Sky
Status: working on it

So since my first blog on this topic earlier in the month nothing has changed about my inability to use technology.

I do have my website up and running, but my printer is still not talking to the new computer and in desperation , I hooked the old laptop back up just to make copies. Which means putting info I want copied onto a flash drive and then putting it in the laptop and printing. 

What's funny is I couldn't wait, back in the 80's, when I was writing on a typewriter for the day I could afford a computer. I helped in the kids' school in the computer technology room to learn how to use the beasts and the instructor would let me use the computer in between classes to write my stories and put them on a big square disk. 

Finally, the day arrived I could get computer. I bought a Mac. That's what they had in the schools and I told my husband that way I'd have help if I ran into problems.. But man was that an investment back then!  

It was wonderful to be able to delete and enter words all over in the document without having to retype everything! 

But then I came to another problem, the Mac's back then didn't play nice with other computers and when I wanted to critique with other people they couldn't read my stuff and I coudln't read their stuff. So I floundered along until the day came when I threw my hands in the air, told my dh I needed a computer that talked with everyone else and became a DELL fan.  I gave the Mac to a friend of the family who was headed off to college and have been happy with my choice ever since. 

Except for the fact I am so darn technology challenged that it takes me days to figure out how to do some things on some programs.  And after all these years I still don't have the fearlessness it takes to push keys and see what happens. I'm always afraid I'm going to mess something up. Because usually, I do! 


Sarah Raplee said...

LOL! Paty, your love-hate relationship with computers is a hoot to read about.

How old is your printer? Could it be oudated? Just a thought. Did you try NiteCrusr's networking blog or the Bleeping computer forum?

Best of luck, Sarah

Paty Jager said...

Hi Sarah! Yes, technology for me is a love/hate relationship.

I haven't had time to contact NiteCrusr or the Bleeping computer forum. I'm hoping when I get back from Emerald to do that.

I'm thinking my printer- though it still works sonderfully ) is outdated. When I tried to download info about it onto my computer the number didn't even show as one I could download. That's where my penny pinching comes in. Why should I get a new printer(that will talk to my new computer) when this printer still works like new? It prints beautiful photos.


Anyone else going to be at Emerald City? I'm headed there tomorrow with Annabeth(Bethany). I'm excited to take Bob Mayer's class on Friday morning.

Genene Valleau said...

Hey, Paty! I ended up buying a new printer when I bought a new computer because they wouldn't talk to each other. I paid less than $70 for a Kodak printer and, because the ink cartridges are so much cheaper--all their models use the same catridges rather a different size/style for each printer so they don't have to pay for so much space on store shelves is what the salesperson told me--I saved more in one month on ink than the printer cost me. And it prints beautiful photos and graphics too. (But I knew a Kodak would.)

So a new printer might not be as costly an investment as you think and might surprise you with what it can do. Just need to carve out time from your busy, busy schedule to research, huh?

Looking forward to hearing about your Emerald City experiences!