Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Out of my Element

Current Project: Still in limbo
Status: All company leaves this weekend!

This past weekend I participated in a book festival at Portland's Pioneer Square. It was an excellent place to watch people and interact with some interesting characters.

Donna Kiehle and I were at the table under the Jan's Paperback Books sign. We had half a dozen people come up and ask us ab out our publishing company... And one gentleman who had wild hair, his collar folded under on one side, his shirt buttoned crooked, and his fly was half open with his shirt tail sticking out. (I'm not a pervert, I was taking in his whole appearance as he reflected an interesting secondary character) Anyway, he was trying to pitch his epic, deeply emotional, action packed, epic hand-written 492 notebook pages. There are pieces of him that may end up in a book some day. ;)

There was a young man with a sign "Turn 2 God" He stood on a corner shouting. And a robust black man stood up at the speaking platform over the square, banged a plastic bottle like an anvil and preached.

Shortly after the preaching a passel of bridesmaids and groomsmen along with a bride and groom entered the square and posed for photos.

An Englishman also stopped by and chatted with Marie Friend who was next to us. He was a bit taken back when Marie first thought he was an Aussie. This started them off on an interesting chat of their favorite English actors. The man was in khaki shorts, had one of those "fishing" hats that look like safari hats. A backpack and boots. He looked like he'd just walked out of the bush so I understand why she might have thought him Aussie.

Even the couple with rowdy kids and the older man on the MAX I rode to the zoo left an impression that could pop up sometime in writing.

All of these interesting people are stored away in my brain to perhaps come out in little snippets in my secondary and perhaps even my main characters in some future book.

So you file away people. places, or incidents everywhere you go?


Dawn D. Young said...

Isn't is fun to people watch? I get so much character inspiration when I fade into the background and simply watch people be themselves. Helps keep myself from seeping into my charcters.

Genene Valleau said...

Hi, Paty! Sounds like the Book Fest was a great place to people watch. I'll be watching for traces of these people to show up in your future books!

Sarah Raplee said...

Sorry I was out-of-town for the Book Fest.

In answer to your question: Yep!

Paty Jager said...

Dawn,The only thing that gets me out in the world is the fact I can people watch and add to my character inspirations. Otherwise I'd be perfectly content to never venture away from home.

Genene, There were all kinds of people there. Coming from a rural life style, I had some real eye openers!

Sarah, It would have been nice to see a familiar face, but I forgive you. ;)