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Mind Styles characterization

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When I was an art major at OSU back in the ... one of my assignments in my freshman year drawing class was to watch people in the student union and sketch them. Well that always brought a lot of unwanted attention. I kind of like the sit there, watch and take mental notes about the people in the area. A little reclusive but fitting my personal style much better than drawing them and having them want to see the results.

Later when I was teaching I attended a workshop at the beginning of the school year. It's intent was to help us better understand our students. In my case it helped me visualize and write my characters so I understood their motives. A win - win situation for me.

The work shop you ask, maybe not, was titled Mind Styles. Simplifying the theories and the details, here are 4 personality types. According to the originator of this concept most of us are a combination of the two types. I have found that in utilizing these mind styles in the characterization of my hero and heroine I can create minor conflicts between them just in the way they think and act.

The 4 basic types are: Concrete, Sequential, Abstract, and Random.
So to make this quick, a person could be Concrete Sequential. Some of his priorities would be Orderly, Persistent, Direct, Product oriented.

Or Abstract Random in which case the priorities would be Emotional Sensitive, Sociable, and Bright and colorful.

Or we could have Concrete Random, some priorities would be Independent, Intensely curious, Investigative, andRisk taker.

And last we have Abstract Sequential priorities for this mind style would be, Logic, Intellectual, Analytical and Scholarly.

Since this workshop I have always referred to the Mind Styles theory in the development of my characters.

Without taking the test that goes along with this what do you think your combination of mind styles is? I was tested. My results were not what my friends thought I would be.

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Genene Valleau said...

Hi, Chris! The mind styles quiz has always seemed too complex to me. I think because the titles of the types don't trigger any logical personality traits for me.

If the titles were something like "control freak" or "flake" then I could relate.

It may say something about me that I looked this up on the Internet and took the quiz, then found a page that explained these styles ( If I had looked at the explanation page first, I wouldn't have thought I matched the Mind Styles (two were pretty close in score) that the test said I was either.

But I can see where this would be very helpful in making well-rounded characters. Thanks for a reminder this resource is available!