Friday, August 19, 2011

All that is random

Current Project: Sharks
Status: middle of chapter 3

I love writing series characters. The first series I wrote was my Lakota/Pinkerton series. This series started with Dakota's Bride and was not planned. In fact my editor wanted the next story to revolve around Jacob St. John, but alas Jacob's story was the last one, Forever His.

The next set of books I wrote was semi-planned. I developed the characters of three brothers and each one eventually had their own book. This was my Highland series, Highland Honor, Highland Magic and Highland Song.

The character development in my regency series was more thoroughly researched. There are 12 sisters/cousins in four families. Each heroine has their flower, their stone, their horoscope and the name of their very own hero. Once again with the writing of Allura and the introduction of all the heroines, it has been noted often that the story the readers wants most is that of the youngest sibling/cousin. Unfortunately, I have only finished the first three stories of which only two are published. I think Aidan may have to wait a very long time to find out what will become of her.

I think readers become involved in the characters and if the book/books are well written they want to learn more about the characters they have invested so much time with. What do you think?


Genene Valleau said...

Well, hopefully readers will become invested in the characters! (Says a woman who has invested many, many hours/days/weeks/months/years? writing the series I'm currently working on.)

As I was updating the master character book for my series last night, it triggered more plot twists and turns and character developments. Is it a good sign when the characters in my books are seeming as real as family and friends? Hmm...

Looking forward to the rest of your series about the twelve sisters/cousins!

Paty Jager said...

I agree, readers to become invested in series with characters they love. I've has several e-mails asking when Hank's book will be available. He's the last brother in my Halsey series. I'm working on it, I keep telling them and I am.;) I hope to have it out in spring of 2012. But I sometimes wonder if I nee dot write a story for Darcy's younger brother some time down the line. Which would put that series to six books...

I'm also wondering if those who read Improper Pinkerton will want more of Mae and Beck or if they'll want Will's story.

Your dozen books is exciting to hear about just like Genene's seven.