Thursday, July 21, 2011

Current Project: Sharks
Status: finished a scene yesterday

Second time around, not a lot to say about research except it is my favorite part about writing historical romance. It is so much fun to find the trivia in history and weave a story around that event. At the moment I am writing a contemporary. Not so much in my element, but it is fun to toss in current slang and things from the present. I don't have to verify. Yay...

This week Genene must have sent me some positive rake (sp) because I finally received my reversion of rights. When I asked Kate Duffy at Kensington for reversion of Dakota's Bride and My Angel I received my rights in two weeks. Piece of Cake? This time I have been trying since september 2010. I have written emails, support tickets, registered letters and until I put attorney in my last email, I received little in the form of answers. So I am happy, although I believe I am going to have another 90 days wait. Still, I'm happy about all of this.

So, I suppose research can come in many forms. Could be for your book, could be for enhancing your career. Have any of you had horror stories getting your rights back? Or did the house you were published under act professionally as Kenington did?


Genene Valleau said...

Ah, the positive energy of Reiki. Very useful. :)

I'm so pleased the reversion of your rights finally kicked free of whatever abyss it's been hung up in.

And I like your thought of research enhancing our careers. Actually, hearing of your headaches with getting rights back helped me decide to be very formal and "by the letter of the contract" when I requested return of my rights. So thank you for sharing that experience. I think that helped smooth the way--and the Reiki, of course!

Paty Jager said...

Congrats, Chris! I know this has been a struggle.

And research is needed in all facets of writing. From the writing to the promoting to the career building.

Sarah Raplee said...

Congratulations on your success in getting your rights back, Chris. I agree that we need to do our research career-wise as well as story-wise.