Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Visions of Pink and Blue

Most Recent Read: Changes, by Jim Butcher
Current Read: Academ's Fury, by Jim Butcher
Planned Next Read: Side Jobs, by Jim Butcher
*notice a theme here, with my recent reading choices?
Welcome! I am going to depart a little from writing about writing today. Our expected addition to the family is being a little stubborn about joining us. Or maybe I should say that it is enjoying the hot tub and 24-hour room service so much that it isn't ready to check out. Our older children are being very impatient, wanting to meet their newest sibling. Even my husband dearest has expressed his frustration a few times. This may be good - it makes me practice patience and setting a good example, to try to keep the rest of the family calm.
So, what am I taking to the hospital? In addition to the usual baby clothes and sundries, the laptop is going. And my favorite notebook, for plotting. Even while expecting a new baby, I cannot keep plot ideas and character development from walking onstage in the back of my mind. I cannot imagine not having my notebook with me, to scrawl new ideas down in in the wee hours of the morning. While a new little one sleeps peacefully under my chin. Ah, happy motherhood, happy writer.
One other note: I have really been enjoying Jim Butcher's Dresden Files. This is a newly discovered author for me, and it took me most of a month to read through this series. As a reader, I have been enjoying the character development, both within each individual book and in the series overall. Learning a lot, from studying the writing within this series.
And, no, we do not know if our newest addition will be pink or blue. But we hope to meet this newest little one very soon!

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