Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Quote of the Day

The inimitable Miss Snark had a lot to say about the query process.  Reading the archives of her blog can be a real eye-opener.  One point she repeatedly made is to research agents before querying--don't just send out random queries to people you know nothing about.  In her words:

"If you are querying a novel, you get an agent's name, contact info, and you learn about them by doing ALL of these: 1. Read the agency's website. 2. Read the listing on, Preditors and Editors, and Writers Digest. 3. Google the agent's name to find interviews, writers conference listings and other misc info. When you have done all three, you "know about" an agent and you may query."

Personally, I'd add two more useful places to get info about agents and publishers:

Absolute Write Water Cooler Bewares and Background Checks:

And Publishers Marketplace (costs $20 per month, but you can just join for one month and learn about all the agents  and editors on your wish list and then unsubscribe):

Do you have any favorite ways to learn about publishing industry professionals?

Good luck in your search.


Genene Valleau said...

Hi, Barb! Interesting question. One good way to learn about writing industry professionals is by word of mouth.

Probably most of us belong to a number of e-mail loops that discuss writing. If you're interested in an editor or agent, ask on your loops (if that's an OK topic). But use caution. Don't trash someone on a loop and don't take the word of one person, who might have had a bad experience. However, if you get a "horror" story from two or three or more people, I'd definitely dig deeper, using the resources Barb mentioned.

Paty Jager said...

I like watching them at conferences and seeing how they interact with writers and the other agents and editors.

And I agree with Genene about asking on loops and have people respond off the loop to you. That way you get candid comments. And make sure you get more than one comment.