Friday, May 13, 2011

Scene Plots

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Scene plots are how I proceed when I have a general idea of the direction of the book. Before I begin plotting, I have an in depth profile of the characters. When I plot a scene, I know the first sentence and the last sentence of that scene. I have the POV character listed. This is a good reference if other activities take me away from the book for longer than a day. I plot one scene, write it then move on to the next scene.

Some things included in the scene plot are:
Beginning with Chapter number and Scene number I move on to the turning point. Turning points can be major or small but every scene needs one. The next step is to list the key plot points in that scene. I have a beginning, middle and an end.

Each scene needs to begin and end with impact to keep the reader turning the pages. Other things listed for the scene plot (I don't always fill out each question) If the story is moving at a quick pace and I know exactly where it is going, the page turns out to be a bit blank.

Foreshadowing, Setting, Important elements, Theme, Motivation, Tone, Tension and I try to plot to a twist in every scene. Conflict should include internal, external and romantic. Then at the bottom of the page I write the beginning sentence and the ending sentence.

This probably sounds confusing but when it is all condensed on one page per scene it is very easy. (for me) I have tried and failed with story boards although I know they are great tools for the organized writer. I know I'm more than a little random. When I plot an entire book, it never ends up the way I plotted it. So why waste time?


Paty Jager said...

Interesting seeing how your mind works. LOL Actually you do more plotting than I do. I always thought we were about even in that department.

Good info for those who are still finding their process.

Sarah Raplee said...

Your scene plot description has given me food for thought. I like to try out new tools or bits of process to see if they work for me. Thanks for an interesting post.

Genene Valleau said...

LOL, Chris! This sounds like a lot of plotting to me. :)

I like your ideas for scene plots. I do a lot of these things in the editing stage. If I did them earlier in the writing, perhaps that would save some time.

Especially like the suggestion of putting a twist in every scene. Good suggestions!